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A tradition of the south to hold a get-together before or during a hurricane in which large quantities of alcohol are consumed. This is because there will most likely be nothing else to do during the hurricane, due to the lack of electricity.
"Dude, hurricane Katrina is coming. Let's throw a hurricane party!"
"I dunno if thats a good idea its suppose to.."
"Nah It'll be fine!"
by gogg August 09, 2006
Romanized Japanese word for winding mountain road.
Last night I ran the touge.
by gogg January 21, 2005
Extremely drunk. Coined by Daniel Amire.
Last Friday I was MC hammered at the bar.
by gogg October 24, 2005
To go to bars/clubs that night.
Let's go out tonight, I wanna get wasted.
by gogg October 30, 2005
When someone is messed up on dip, probably their first time.
I'm not taking your dipped ass home.
by gogg August 21, 2005
1. The dwelling for a fraternity/sorority you are in, associate yourself with, or have friends in.
2. A dwelling you live in with roommates.
Let's head back to the house.
by gogg October 30, 2005
Similer to a Chinese fire drill; while waiting at a stop light or in traffic all occupants of the vehicle get out and shake the original vehicle or another one. This can be achived by jumping up and down on the bumpers and pushing the sides back and forth.
Dude, me and my friend were driving somewhere in two cars and I pulled a Chinese earthquake drill on him!
by gogg October 08, 2005

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