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Worse than grundy. The result of being exposed to something terrible for a long period of time and having the results show through your appearance and state of mind.

Mainly used when referring to a sailor.
I met the most grizzled harbor master in Maine.
by Mayor Adam West May 26, 2004
Partly gray or streaked with gray. Connotes age, but not necessarily.
Jerry Garcia was a grizzled and bearded band leader in the decade before his death, but he still had a comparatively young face.
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by al-in-chgo May 23, 2010
ravaged in a violent, berserker-like manner, such as by a grizzly bear. describing the end result of ruinous damage.
vultures picked over the grizzled corpse of mankind.
#death #metal #grindcore #corpse nuggets #spelunking #o'grizzled
by Swintronix July 01, 2011
One step higher than grilled. Being incredibly high on Marijuana. A state of mind that is unexplainable, all you are able to do is just lay and sink into the ground.
dude i was so grizzled last night, i was sleeping in a wheelbarrow, and it was comfortable!
#grilled #high #marijuana #unexaplainable #sink
by jerrythebudsmoker November 26, 2010
to have had Jedi-like powers of influence and/or redirection applied to you. This affect does not become apparent until approximately 20 feet of distance has been obtained between the grizzler and targeted individual.
The employee was given a false sense of optimism that the overwhelming work load was easy and in her control by the supervisor's confident and enigmatic speech. It wasn't until she returned to her desk that she realized the issues are still valid and she that had been grizzled.
#grizzle #grizzling #grizzled #influence #redirection
by kymnosis October 14, 2010
Speckled everywhere. Screwed up. Not making sense
"...and then this girl that works there comes up to us and she's all like grizzled and shit"
by NoFatChix December 25, 2003
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