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Also known as a hipster. As self-righteous as a douchebag, but they think they are witty.
See that guy over there with the women's pants, choppy haircut, and non-prescription coke-bottle glasses?

I didn't even think that was a guy until I saw the dirty beard and ironic mustache.

Yeah. He had to special order that flannel. Everyone knows anorexic lumberjacks don't exist. He's a real touchebag.
by JL Patrick November 27, 2011
n. sack or sports bag purpose-built to carry fencing swords, mask, uniform etc.
Excusez-moi. Has madamoiselle seen my touche bag magnifique?

Mais non! Nor do I wish to see it!

Perhaps madamoiselle understands not. La touche bag is something I slide over my sword to keep it clean.
by gnostic1 July 15, 2011
Someone who endlessly says the word touché, with or without context or reasoning.
Person A: I got a B on my quiz.
Person B: I got a B+.
Person A: Touché.
Person B: That doesn't even make sense in this situation. Go back to your corner, you little touchebag.
by WubWubChigga May 10, 2012
1. The spawn produced when a tool-bag and douche-bag mate.

2. Lingo being used to describe teenagers in 12-20 years.
"Sean Preston Spears-Federline is such a touche-bag!"

"Look at all of those young touche-bags sitting around on their Blackberries. What worthless people."
by Pterodactyl April 20, 2007
A painfully obvious tourist, usually displaying an air of cultural ignorance and overall obliviousness. Signs may include but are not limited to: tourist-shop t-shirts, khaki shorts, sun visors, fanny packs, and tan lines.
- "Wow, look at that guy in the flowered shirt. Hasn't he taken enough pictures of that building yet? I'm tired of waiting in line!"

- "Me too. What a touche bag."
by shadybitches May 08, 2009
(tOOsh-bag)-(n.)-in reference to the french word touche, it refers to an individual who is too much of a pompus ass to just accept defeat and must instead get the last word in stating, "touche."
That Nick Austin sure is a touche bag.
by nick6 November 23, 2006
Someone who engages in constant, unnecessary oneupsmanship, always in search for people to say "touche."
Person A: Oh yeah, I hiked all of the Appalachian Trail last year.
Person B: Wow, good job!
Person C: That's nothing, I hiked the Himalayan trail.
Person A: Well, to be fair, I was just recovering from a broken leg.
Person C: I had a broken leg and broke the second one while hiking!
Person B: Don't be such a touchebag.
by rexnom November 01, 2009
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