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a ridiculous shortening of the word 'totally'.
Variants include: totez, tots.
Question: Hey, are you up for some Poker?
Answer: totz.
by asteroid smashington April 18, 2009
just another way of saying totally.
Alison was on crack when she started using the word totz.
by J9 March 16, 2005
Totz   toht-z
1. wholly; entirely; completely.
2. Slang for totally

Originates out of Reed college in Portland, Oregon
I was totz tripping balls last night.
I totz banged your mom.
by Avoid_the_Noid September 16, 2010
A shortening for totally.
That Zac kid is totz the hottest guy in town.
by yeah ladd August 24, 2008