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a ridiculous shortening of the word 'totally'.
Variants include: totez, tots.
Question: Hey, are you up for some Poker?
Answer: totz.
by asteroid smashington April 18, 2009
When a group of emos (usually more than the amount of people you're with) are walking towards you.

It makes your heart jump... Are they going to throw tears at you? or perhaps their blood from cutting they keep in their manbags? But of course nothing actually happens and each group walks on to live another day.
"shit shit shit, emo attack alert!"
"fuck, do you wanna go into that shop?"
".. nah, we'll be right."
*emo's pass, indifferently*
"phew.... "
by asteroid smashington April 19, 2009
A synonym of "LOL" (laugh-out-loud) that funny to the extent that the Holocaust was terrible.

So, in effect, terribly funny. You can't stop laughing, it hurts.

Over MSN messenger or AIM:
"*insert joke*"
by asteroid smashington April 19, 2009
Emo is a music sub-genre within rock that has been reduced to an over-populated fashion statement of a lack of identity and want of more meaning to a pathetic life.

Contrary to popular emo-lover belief, emo did not start in the late eighties with the band Rites of Spring. It stands for “emotive punk” or “emotional punk” (note; emotive and emotional mean the same thing), the true founders actually being Sunny Day Realestate and the like.

These bands were punk, but slowed their riffs and added some ‘meaningful’ lyrics, and actually tried to sing. If you listen to modern ‘emo’ it is more like fast riffs, lots of cymbal and lyrics drenched in gothic and depressing lyrics, popular spark words include; blood, heart, broken, my, I, you, love, pain, revenge, etc.

Emo did not start with depressed angsty teens living in suburbia, it was just punk guys that had a sensitive side, they wore t-shirts and blue denim like the average guy, much like a diluted of version of grunge. This was early nineties and the hard riffs and fast drums were actually degenerative bands of hardcore, an entirely different genre starting in late eighties mainly through Refused and associates in Europe, as well as Rites of Spring which were a lot more 'rocky' than original emo.

Nowadays there are no ‘true’ emo bands.

Another thing, about the fashion statement emo's or even emo bands; they usually deny that they are emo. If they do accept that they're emo (mainly emo bands) their lyrics will be terribly ironic, such as the famous line below by Taking Back Sunday - who aren't emo. More hardcore or even punk rock.
true example of emo music; Sunny Day Realestate.

example of ironic statements made by emo bands;
"literate and silent, kissable and quiet, that's what girls' dreams are made of... Those words were at best teenage poetry" - Timberwolves at New Jersey by Taking Back Sunday
by asteroid smashington April 20, 2009
When something you had/were in care of (inanimate objects only) were misplaced without any idea where they may be.

Note: never apply to people/animals/cars/jobs...

"I lost my shoe. I can't find it."

Or, from 1999 Academy Award winning American Beauty:
Caroline Burnham "you LOST your job??!"
Lester Burnham: "I didn't LOSE it, it's not like 'whoops, where'd it go?' I QUIT!"
by asteroid smashington April 19, 2009

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