an alcoholic. someone who tosses pots of beer down their throat all day.
that tosspot jerry's fallen off the wagon again.
by gusto December 30, 2003
A pot in which things are thrown. Especially jism.
The tosspot jismed everywhere and missed the tosspot.
by jadio u no August 14, 2003
people or a particular person who likes to take time out and endulge in the odd bit of wanking
fenwick grabbed his one-inch and gave it some exercise while dreaming of kayleigh scott

tosspots are thought to use masterbation as "practice for the big game!"
by bacon sandwich April 06, 2004
i once read in a dictionary (can't remember which) that it meant alcoholic
he drinks a bottle of vodka first thing in the morning everyday the toss pot
by GOODKINGRIC July 06, 2006
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