a total wanker who nobody likes
ben:that wanker tom keeps stealing my vodka

harry:that toss pot
by antony davies July 14, 2005
Basically, it means that you are a wanker.
Tom P: i fink im soo c00l bruvva!1!!
Me: You tosspot.
by My pseudonym owns you July 14, 2011
a silly, stupid, or crazy person that plays with someone's tablet computer in the library before an exam
You TOSSPOTS! You should be studying, not scribbling on computers!!!!
by shmanna July 07, 2006
1. The wanking equivalent to a swear-box/jar.

If one finds themself jerkin' the gherkin a little too often, and they wish to solve this problem, then a tosspot system can be used to combat the issue. Essentially, when the serial tosser tosses themselves off, they have to toss one pound sterling into their tosspot. This should act as a disincentive to wanking, thus solving the problem.

For added fun, a competition can be initiated among two friends. A set period of time is designated- two weeks say, whereby both gents utilise the tosspot system. At the end of these two weeks, the tosspots are swapped. The loser is the chump who hands over the tosspot with the most money. This game requires the utmost honesty to avoid brawls.
Kid A: "Why doesn't Willy come out anymore?"

Kid B: "He can't afford to... all of his money ends up in his tosspot- stupid cunt."
by schuhbear April 13, 2009
1. A pot in which you toss.

2. A complete idiot or fool
"I used a whole box of kleenex's trying to clean out my tosspot"

"You're an asshole"
"And you're a tosspot"
by JimBobBillyBob September 19, 2011
A total wanker.
"Oi you!...your a tosspot!"
by Jakey-Mckenzie July 12, 2008
someone acting like a fool or silly and childish or saying something foolish or silly and childish immature. can be used harshly or in a soft humorous endearisg way also someone who looks odd or extremely strange.

origan Australian colloquialism
harsh form ....george was drunk the other day and was acting like a real tosspot

soft form......as if about a child. He was running around with a bucket on their head looking like a tosspot

by alan kendrick September 01, 2007

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