eating ass.
licking someones asshole
I love to soss salad in prison. It keeps me safe.
by jim jones January 25, 2005
to have your asshole eaten out with jelly or syrup.
usually used with a possesion pronoun or a conjunction
tossed a salad
tossed my salad
tossed her salad
tossed our salad
timmy, you got a D. you know what you gotta do?... NOOOOOO!!! i dont wanna toss a salad...ima read!!! ima learn to read!!!
a tossed salad isnt a tossed salad
by OMGigotmysaladtossedOMG April 20, 2006
When your girlfriends eats your ass right before hot sex.
Mindy and Savannah tossed salad right before our threesome
by pimplee May 11, 2006
I don't mean a vegetable dish. I mean getting your asshole licked, preferably with jelly or syrup... I prefer syrup!
I made my prison bitch toss my salad! He liked it!
by Nate June 19, 2003
To eat someones ass with either jelly or syrup.
While in the pen, Iwould always have a tossed salad after dinner.
by scottyj May 30, 2003
To lick the chocolate off of someone elses bowl or should i say...bowel
She tossed my salad with toungue and cleaned my ass right up!!
by Michael Hodge July 18, 2003

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