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This is the union between a mountain and a gay, thus the title "Mount Gay" The mountain always refers to a beautiful tall woman of amazon proportions that somehow got itself targeted by this gay being. To the unsuspecting it looks like as if the entity is trying to find a lover, but in fact he's trying to fuck the brother..
Mount:"Lescard, i want to drop this on you like never before."
Gay:"I want your brother, notthing more"
Mount:"Lescard, please, why won't fuck me?"
Gay:"Dunny pays in backshots, and he owes me money."
Mount:"I've tried my best to convert you"
Gay:"I have to go now if i want to beat the rookies Curfew"
by Elber November 30, 2003
In days of long ago the land Greece was plagued by a rampant gay force Lescard that plagued on innocent young heterosexual boys and turned them into Gay children. Mothers and fathers watched in horror as their young male Offspring Rocked white wave caps (Split in the middle), talked openly about Sucking Male Penii and Fucked other dudes in the ass out of spite. The Dominant Gay force known as lescard swept not only the continenet of Greece and rome but the entire globe, thus being the MAIN CAUSE of all Homo-sexuality in this world. However all hope is not lost apparently the gay spores haven't attatched to THE ENTIRE male population as the gay lord had wished, many with Strong Flaming Hetero-sexual Views (Sekani,Fez,Chuck,Moe etc..) can be found within the current time period, battling the gay that IS LESCARD.(Part 1)
All the Above Testimonies should serve as example enough to the Gayness that is the Gaylord Lescard
by Elber December 01, 2003
The Term "Ten Times Strong" is actually the recomended amount to exceed any chemical dosage or potency of a any product/action that combats gayness ExampleGaygone
Note: If this doesn't work make sure to break your neck before being infected or else you will be executed on site.
Scenario 1: A bunch of dudes at the caff outside eating and some toss pass by.
Guy1:Damn look at them toss.
Guy2:*Nods to them*
Guy3:*Turns around and says* Yessssssss..
They try and go inside but the caff door is stuck. afterwards they leave and go around the back
Guy3:"WHAT THE FUCK? Tha door aint working man.."
Donita rolls up in a muscle shirt and some Leather pants and the door opens automatically, which it is not supposed to do..
The Dudes put on gas masks and whips out cans ofGaygone
Guy3: Yo..i don't know if..
Guy1: Shhhh...*Points at the label*
"Ten Times Strong"
Guy2:"For real, tha door on some LescardVibes..
by elber November 29, 2003
Caribbean slang for "Babe". It applies in almost all the same categories, and can be nullified by the word "Ugly"
Example: "THat's an ugly toss" as compared to the word "That's an ugly babe" Cuz Babes aren't ugly, and neither are "toss" Toss therefore should be applied to good looking women and not women ugly ones
Guy1: Jeez betty is a toss jack
guy2: Yeah man i need some of tha
Guy3:Betty! Tell Your Bro i call!
by Elber November 30, 2003

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