To throw up; to propell an object in a direction, usualy lighty or without streneus effort.
Stand back, I'm gonna toss my lunch... ughh....
by JrnymnNate January 24, 2003
Its not pronounced 'tuh - ah - es' you dingbat!
Toh - ss
by Me May 10, 2003
the joyful pleasure of rubbing the penis up and down in a fast motion to create lots of pleasure leading to the discharge of a leaky substance
" Rusell had a good old toss over his bro last nite"

" wots dat white shit on your shirt jonalady is it wen u had a good toss l;ast night over sian"
by reggin cadcol February 25, 2006
powder or crystals from the bottom of a container of pot.
when you're finished that bowl, we still have all the toss left man.
by matt June 06, 2005
Licking of the asshole.
"Russell loves to toss women."
by Dijonne September 22, 2004
That guy on #pacult that rocks socks.
Sup Toss
by joe December 19, 2003

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