To throw up; to propell an object in a direction, usualy lighty or without streneus effort.
Stand back, I'm gonna toss my lunch... ughh....
by JrnymnNate January 24, 2003
A load of semen which has left the penis and is in the air, about to land on someone or something.
Look at that toss, it's gonna hit her in the eye!
I can't believe Fallone caught the entire toss!
by btossdu December 20, 2007
Turn On Safe Search. A warning givien to someone after telling them to Google It, lest they be subject to horrible images.
Person 1: What's a hemorrhoid?
Person 2: Uhhh... Google it, but make sure you TOSS first.
by soulchildremix September 15, 2010
To vomit, abreviation of "toss cookies"
"I was talking to to this hot chick but I tosed,, now she ignores me."
by ChristopherM May 30, 2005
To search, generally quickly and roughly.
Man, the popo just came by and tossed my place.
by R Dogg January 18, 2004
Trash or thorw away, something done badly.
Ugh, this drawing I just did is utter toss
by Sherrice August 24, 2005
A small cash transference as just compensation to mooch off your friend (the kind of friend with limited supplies, of course). Commonly practiced by goofy suburban stoners with enough money to do that sort of thing.

Meaning similar but less formal than throw down.
Me: Aye nucca can you toke me up?
Friend: Yeh, but toss me a five dolla bill.

by Sqaith May 03, 2005
see wank or hun
by Bobby October 13, 2003

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