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a person who is loving and will do anything to make sure you come first instead of herself. who is a great mom or any friend you can ever meet
p1- man toria is the nicest person i ever knew
p2- yea she is like the bestest friend anyone could ever have knowing she cares about the more than herself!
p1 & p2- shes sooooo awesome!
by soda girl 2010 March 27, 2010
A woman with a miniature dinosaur that lives in her belly and tells her right from wrong.
Evil dictator: "Victoria, you should kill a baby and smoke crack."

Miniature dinosaur: "No Victoria, do not do that, that is bad."
by yeahbabyyeah282 December 31, 2010
Short for 'Victoria'.
Wanna go play some football (soccer) with me, Toria?
by Toria March 02, 2005
Whale with two sets of genetalia
Damn, that Toria totally has nice genitals!
by Ntran September 21, 2011

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