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An experience a boy/girl has when they never gotten kissed before/Or maybe on a date with a new boyfriend/girlfriend
"Wow, I can't believe Jill did not give me the details of her and Mike's first kiss."
by Toria March 06, 2004
lead singer of my chemical romance
in my opinion beautiful and lovely as well as an awesome singer although i might get a battering for saying that.
borther of mikey way who is also in my chemical romance playing bass.
i dont agree he is hot but he is beautiful and i love him very much. i saw him april 9th at london astoria on his birthday greatly muchly live.
and also possibly slightly gay i can agree there but hey never mind. and it wasnt kids books it was comics... erm... does that make it better?
Gerard Way has cooler eye makeup than me. :(
by toria May 07, 2005
a hillbilly, someone from a small tiny town
Even though the boy's a bumpkin doesn't mean he's oblivious.
by Toria March 28, 2004
Short for 'Victoria'.
Wanna go play some football (soccer) with me, Toria?
by Toria March 02, 2005
a great band i saw them live (9th april 05 (GERARDS BIRTHDAY :D)):D and no not teenybopping thankyou... ^^^ some people who have posted here have no idea what they are on about.
my favourite my chemical romance song is "thankyou for the venom"
by toria May 07, 2005
1. band: a trombone

2. band: someone who plays the trombone
1. I guess you can't play this new tune with us today, cuz you forgot your boner.

2. I'm a t-boner.
by Toria March 02, 2005
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