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aka a floater, boat or lincolin log poop

you can easily form these by:
1 before pooping cover the toilet water with toilet paper. enough so it can withstain a gaint load.
2 then POOP POOP and POOP some more.
3 DO NOT FLUSH! thats the important part.
This makes it so the log you just left will poke out of the toilet and stink like shit
i just left a floater!
by Phill De Conick March 17, 2005
1 8
Words used by chain bars such as "Chevy's" to add $3.00 more to what essentially a slurpee with a touch of tequila.
Waitress: "Make it a top shelf blue agave colored salt margarita?"

Customer: "Sure, it's only $9.50"
by Mark Rave July 02, 2004
2 9
many interpretations can be derived from the saying top shelf
1. something is pretty shit hot.
2. to describe material of a sexually explicit nature that is stored in the highest point of a shop.
and my old favourite;
3. to describe a female as being rather atractive in a sexully stimulating way
1. that shot you took was top shelf old boy
2. that dirty old cunt reads from the top shelf
3. A:"fuck me she is top shelf! marks out of ten i'd give her one."
B:"not half! woof!"
by tentius maximus July 01, 2004
2 9
1) Good Liquor

2) To lift up the toilet cover (behind where you sit, where the drain and stuff is linked by the the cord or flush switch) and to take a shit in it. Next the party usually puts the lid back on and the owner of the toilet will not realize what the horrible smell is until he investigates thoroughly
Me) Yo bartender! Hook it up with a martini with some top shelf liquor!
Bartender) You got it parter

Brando) Yo man Im going to topshelf that bitch!
Me) Yeah main, that girl is a ho
by Shiba June 30, 2004
3 10
A term used by a dodgy notherner who likes staring at the 'top-shelf' in newsagents............I bet he likes the little kiddys watching him do it too!
Ooooo one does enjoy this top-shelf material, where are the kiddies?
by ColdRock June 30, 2004
2 9
taking a shit in the top part of a toliet. See upperdecker
Dude lets go I just top shelfed the place.
by Daddy November 12, 2003
32 39
While doing a girl doggy style, to quickly and without warning switch to anal sex. Going from the bottom to the top shelf.

Note top shelfing jewish girls is frowned upon
Dave) So last night I was with Goldie Hahn and I totally top shelfed her.
Steve) Dude you can't top shelf jewish girls
Dave) No brah it's cool. According to Adam Sandler she's only half
by TopShelfHouseSluts May 06, 2009
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