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a marijuana smoking device. For example pipes,bongs, and chillums are tooters.
I got some grass, now I need a tooter.
by ganjaman916 May 14, 2009
6 27
A tube, usually a cut off part of a straw, used to snort speed or coke with.
Dude, opnly use one tooter, then we can scrape it when we're done with the sack
by Merc February 03, 2004
101 21
A thinly shaped cylinder used to put any manner of powder into your nose form a flat surface.
I don't care if you roll up a twenty - get me a tooter!
by K-Gray March 12, 2005
77 18
A cylindrical device used to snort powdered drugs. Also used to inhale the smoke from drugs
Pass the tooter, it's my turn
by My butt hurts from all the gay sex February 04, 2006
78 24
n. a small tube. often the body of a bic pen.
yo chez, where's the platinum tooter.
by January 28, 2003
56 22
a nickname for a vagina. It can sometimes be stinky if you are bad and hasty. It often refers to a kitten.
Baby, my tooter is stinky!
by Datruth July 03, 2012
5 7
A university employee that is tasked with leading students astray rather than 'Rounding them out intellectually'.
My tutor is a crazy weird dude. I mean wow, mine taught me everything I needed to know about cocaine abuse in a single 'tootorial'. He is one mother of a tooter.
by jonimethfan October 07, 2011
2 5
cute little person that farts cutely
hey tooter
will you be my tooter?

"oh man tell me about your date"
"man she's such a tooter"
by alec and liz May 02, 2010
15 24