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cute little person that farts cutely
hey tooter
will you be my tooter?

"oh man tell me about your date"
"man she's such a tooter"
by alec and liz May 02, 2010
damn, that tooter you let is stanky!
by ivy February 04, 2005
The sweet loving and caring poop shoot of all people, animals, and things to grace this green earth
Yo man you shut yo toof before i kick you in yo tooter!
by Cletus February 27, 2003
the vagtastic hole in the vaginal area
Give me that tooter bitch.
by Da motherfing Truth December 02, 2007
A bear with a face on it
Megan's boyfriend Jeremy is certainly a tooter, given his extreme love for her.
by Bearface March 01, 2005
a marijuana smoking device. For example pipes,bongs, and chillums are tooters.
I got some grass, now I need a tooter.
by ganjaman916 May 14, 2009
Male reproductive organ.
Also, may be pronounced tootie.
Kelly isn't going to pee in the pool. He just plays with his tooter when he gets nervous.
by Mike January 13, 2005