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a term used for canadians
by Ivy July 26, 2003
The perfectness between the thin line of good and evil, dark and light, right and wrong.. set on earth like a god to please our ears with his voice and music, touch our hearts with his lyrics and delight our eyes with that androgynous beauty that only angels can have...
He´s a beautiful angel of the night
by Ivy September 09, 2004
to have a lifestyle philosophy of no alcohol, no drugs, and no (promiscuous) sex
Most rock stars are definitely NOT straight edge.
by Ivy March 30, 2005
A big soft male that people like to hug.
Aye, que lindo! -Someone with teddybear qualities-
by Ivy September 26, 2004
Noun: The penis of the current pope.
"Popedick is wrinkly and saggy, but I still want some of that holy penetration!"
by Ivy April 18, 2004
a loose string attached to an article of clothing, blanket, curtain, etc. (background: short for unravelled)
hey momma! gim'me yur scissors, my skirt's gotta ravel!
by ivy February 04, 2005
to think about it, esp when dealing with numbers...
um, theres 4 pieces of candy and 5 kids...think one will mind? Do the math.
by Ivy April 07, 2005

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