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To expel flatulence while in motion, or to flatulate while stationary and immediately disperse as to prevent people from knowing you are the farter. This occurs frequently in large crowds. Also known as a cropdust.

Toot = to fart or flatulate
Boot = to walk, or walk away
Watch out, don't go over there. I just tooted and booted."

Aww, geese, Mike totally just tooted and booted."

Those guys are so annoying. I should stroll by and toot and boot.
by TurboDream17 November 05, 2010
1 Word related to tooted and booted
to fart and then notice you didnt just fart, you also took a shit. same thing as a shart.
oh shit i think i just tooted and booted! i need to go home and change my underwear!
by stopdropandrollballs June 14, 2010

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