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A tooshy-moosh (n.) is a person, male generally, who, by acting in a feminine, elaborate, fussy or flamboyant manner, is considered to be tooshy-mooshy (adj.) The term "tooshy-moosh" originated in the back alleys of Amarillo, Texas, and it was originally applied to homosexual males, or males with copious amounts of cologne and beauty products, or males who were hard to satisfy, or pacifist males. However, tooshy-moosh has developed into a broad term, often playful, to merely poke harmless fun at someone.

"Boy, you ain't nothin' but some yellow tooshy-moosh!" (n.)

"He's so worried, he's always just tooshy-mooshin'. (v.)

"That guy never fails to complain, he's tooshy-mooshy." (adj.)
by Paul the Lion July 08, 2006
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