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1.A place, typically a bar or nightclub, where tools are known to congregate.
2. Any place where there is a high percentage of tools.
3. Any place (bar, nightclub,etc.) that comes highly recommended by a tool.
1.We went to that new club, but it turned out to be just another toolshed.

2. Dave told me about that place, but if he thinks it's cool, it's got to be a toolshed.
by Tankboy November 14, 2005
51 58
The Kappa Sigma fraternity house at the University of Tulsa.
Dude, that's the Kappa Sig house. Why would you go over to that fuckin tool shed?
by TU1 September 11, 2006
892 275
A word describing a giant douchebag, that uses money to make himself look cool. Mainly, however, it is a kid who tries to be something he is not.
Peterson bought us some sweet shades yesterday. That kid is a big toolshed.
by Balls Finnigan January 29, 2009
222 53
A slut (a tool being a male reprodtive organ, a shed being a place to put it.
Andrea is a toolshed
by eroc43 April 19, 2005
304 156
A bar with a very poor male to female ratio.
Dude, lets go to another bar, this place is a fuckin tool shed.
by A.C. Sativa February 08, 2013
88 5
A place where tools like to frequent.
I wanted to go to that new club, but I heard it was a tool shed.
by tankboy September 20, 2005
132 71
Variation of the common term tool meaning loser. This takes it to another level of tooldom. These low lifes are sometimes just referred to as "sheds"
Clay Aiken is a super shed
by Mr MoJo January 06, 2005
188 132
A person so retarded that he is classified as much more than a tool.
Eric's not just a tool, he's a whole damn toolshed.
by BudLiteBrad January 04, 2003
144 97