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A 5.0L V-8 sport sedan that has 400hp and can go 0-60 in under 5 seconds, forcing you to spooge on yourself.
"Hey, Brad just got a new M5!"
"Oh God! I need new underwear!"
by BudLiteBrad January 30, 2003
The only car you will ever need.
"Check out Brad's new M5!"
"Dude, my crotch is all wet!"
by BudLiteBrad January 30, 2003
A spoogemobile so hot that I would rather have sex with it than your mom. It's just that damn good.
"dude, get off my mom and check out that Bugatti!"
"oh shit son! i wanna stick my banana in its tailpipe!"
by BudLiteBrad February 04, 2003
A person so retarded that he is classified as much more than a tool.
Eric's not just a tool, he's a whole damn toolshed.
by BudLiteBrad January 04, 2003
The greatest fast food chain ever created.
by BudLiteBrad February 18, 2003
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