big polynesian dudes, that will take over at your party and take your keg.
- every time I see a keg at Shorview park , I know someones party was crashed and their keg was taken.
by maze January 05, 2004
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The people who originate from the Kingdom of Tonga. The first polynesians. Gigantic, and have natural steroids; Ulu, and HorSe
Tongans are gigantic, and all have a natural ability to play sports. there are two types of tongan bodies. the big (fat) ones, who tend to be naturally strong, and the big (muscular) ones who are the dominant athletes of whatever group they are in until they decide to stop playing. TOngans are powerhouses in Rugby and Football.
Tongans are very nice, hospitable, and religious people. But when you make them mad they'll beat you to a pulp no matter who you are, or how strong you think you are.

Neighbor: Oh hey Sione!

Tongan Guy: Malo fred!

Neighbor: I heard your son won the MVP award today.

Tongan Guy: ah yess, he did. I fink it was for, *click sound* ahhh....fuut boll

Neighbor: haha, he is quite the athlete I hear. By the way, that is some good smelling food you are cooking.

Tongan Guy: haha, me and my family love to eat.

Neighbor: yeah, you samoans eat quite a bit!

Tongan Guy: ....

by Hafekasi April 20, 2008
The name given to a native of The Kingdom of Tonga, the only Pacific Island nation never to have been conquered or colonized by another country. A very proud people, with a very rich culture & history, that could be shown to the world if there weren't so many idiots among them that seem to think that they are better than anyone else. Many claim to be Christian, but by the the way they write on this website, it's very hard to believe. They are part of Polynesia which include all the nations from Hawai'i in the north, down toNew Zealand to the south & across to Easter Island in the east. Once the centre of a great Pacific empire that included Samoa, Rarotonga, The Marquesas Islands, Southern Fiji, & as far west as the Islands of Ouvea & Futuna in New Caledonia, the Tongan people were a talented seafaring people & fearsome warriors. They were once a Noble but Humble people, but unfortunately, some of today's Tongans have let their Pride turn to Arrogance, & all the great deeds done by their ancestors are being destroyed by a bunch of these arrogant thugs.
Stop the hatred between our other Polynesian Brothers & Sisters. We all have a proud history to look back at, no matter what Nation we're from.

POLYNESIA, UNITE !! If only this petty bickering between Island nations could stop, & all Polynesia could unite as one entity, it would give us all a stronger voice on the world stage. As a Proud Tongan, this is what I feel in my heart. To all the people who just hate Tongans for the sake of hating, I'm sorry you feel that way. You've just met the wrong Tongans. Peace & Love.
by TrueTonganHeart May 10, 2011
cool ass polynesians that come from the island of Tonga, a sister island to Samoa. only in certain areas do samoans and tongans bump heads, but for the most part they are the two most similar cultures in Polynesia. both islands dominate over the others in polynesia, are super huge, best at football n rugby, and love to drink kava while listening to Lucky Dube!...tongans n samoans are like JayZ n Naz...only beef because theyre both the best...
Tongans r badazz rugby players like Jona Lomu
by Compton Africa September 01, 2007
People of Polynesian descent, from the Kingdom of Tonga. To distinguish a Tongan from any other polynesian group, just say "malo e lelei", if they answer back with "malo", or "malo e lelei", then they are Tongan.
Boy#1:Hey man, where you from?
Boy#2:I'm from The Island of Tonga.

Boy#1:Oh! So you are a Tongan?
Boy#2:Yup. Pretty much.

Boy#1:Malo e lelei!
Boy#1:Io, Malo.
by Tongan March 17, 2008
Tongans only make 150 000 of the seven billion people on Earth with an increasing amount of 'half casts' who interestingly do not appear Tongan. However, they have the Tongan spirit. With a population of this size, these people really are unique.
Fact: Captain James Cook labelled Tonga as the friendly islands.
You have to meet a Tongan to understand.
by MadBaggage January 28, 2012
A race whose origination is still unknown (they either originate from South East Asia or South America, both of which have strong supporting evidence). Tongans have a huge history in which many of todays generation are unaware of with christianity accepted less than 200 years ago. Many Tongans could actually say three to five generations ago their elders were once powerful warriors or even chiefs. Tongans today are reaping the benefits of their parents or great grandparents hardship to find a life with better opprtunities overseas like New Zealand or Australia. Tongans need to realise the pain they went through for us. They came into New Zealand or elsewhere as working class men and worked their butts off for us to have quality education to live life in a less struggling and painful way.Many are in sport teams with some making the elite level of their specific sport like the NRL. Tongans have a lot of raw talent being naturally athletic whilst in their adolescent years are striving in sport. However they hardly have much motivation which stops them continuing when school finishes. But to change this is for them to change themselves. It would keep them focused and out of trouble.These polynesians are friendly and all they want is respect. Don't be taken aback when you see them because when they notice that, they will have a grudge against you.
You have to meet a Tongan to understand.
by MadBaggage January 28, 2012
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