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Asexual Till Uni.
When one is devoted to studying to get into university and has no time for relationships, reaching almost to the point of being asexual.
When one claims to be Atu, it is not because he can't get with a girl, but because he has decided to restrain his hormones until he gets into uni for stable studying.
The word is an antipode to the term "fatu" which means Fake Atu.
Person 1: "Mate, I heard Dian claimed he was Atu."
Person 2: "Bullshit, I saw him flirting with Angelica the other day."
Person 1: "So he's not Atu?"
Person 2: "He's god damn Fatu."
by TheOneTrueATU November 23, 2015
three letter acronym for Aceyalone and Abstract Rude
like; yo ATU rox at NYC
by x0r December 05, 2007
Only the hottest Mexican white boy out there who loves Tricia . . . soon to be PMU. Loves guitar and skateboarding, incredibly amazingly mind-blowing, he will soon be the greatest thing to rock your socks off. Except that's only for Tricia to experience.
I love you, Andrew!
by PMKinky December 25, 2007
An ATU is your straightness rating. simply put the higher your ATU the more pussy you have the ability to get. Both variables A and U can be

R=AT(U/2) - the Formula
R- Rating of your straightness
A- Average Rating of the women you are with
U- Average Rating of You
T- Times you bang yearly

Ranging-0-200 is Poor

200-300 is Good

300-400 is Excellent

400- UP means you're a liar
If Tim's A is 7.5 and his U is a 8 and his T is 12, then he has an ATU of 360.
by Pussy Wizard November 19, 2010
The best clan in the entire world! IF YOU MESS WITH THE BEST, YOU WILL DIE LIKE THE REST! We mostly play BF 1942, but we also have a BF 2 server! Check it out! You will not be dissapointed!
ATU Rules! ATU Rules! ATU Rules! ATU Rules! ATU Rules!
by -=[ATU]=- SpYder September 23, 2006

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