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Tongans only make 150 000 of the seven billion people on Earth with an increasing amount of 'half casts' who interestingly do not appear Tongan. However, they have the Tongan spirit. With a population of this size, these people really are unique.
Fact: Captain James Cook labelled Tonga as the friendly islands.
You have to meet a Tongan to understand.
by MadBaggage January 28, 2012
A race whose origination is still unknown (they either originate from South East Asia or South America, both of which have strong supporting evidence). Tongans have a huge history in which many of todays generation are unaware of with christianity accepted less than 200 years ago. Many Tongans could actually say three to five generations ago their elders were once powerful warriors or even chiefs. Tongans today are reaping the benefits of their parents or great grandparents hardship to find a life with better opprtunities overseas like New Zealand or Australia. Tongans need to realise the pain they went through for us. They came into New Zealand or elsewhere as working class men and worked their butts off for us to have quality education to live life in a less struggling and painful way.Many are in sport teams with some making the elite level of their specific sport like the NRL. Tongans have a lot of raw talent being naturally athletic whilst in their adolescent years are striving in sport. However they hardly have much motivation which stops them continuing when school finishes. But to change this is for them to change themselves. It would keep them focused and out of trouble.These polynesians are friendly and all they want is respect. Don't be taken aback when you see them because when they notice that, they will have a grudge against you.
You have to meet a Tongan to understand.
by MadBaggage January 28, 2012
boy who can get with girls vice versa, a guy with swag, hot, not bfn
Oi look at Jono with Emma.

What!? where?!

Over there points

oooooh what a skuxx

I know aye, sorry then
by MadBaggage January 28, 2012
BIG FOR NOTHING -pronounced as beefin-girl or guy who thinks they are all that but are big with no muscles- commonly used in the slang of teens and young adults in new zealand.
hey he's hot

(laughs) he's got a mud body, why are you into bfn boys for ae
by MadBaggage January 28, 2012

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