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Actually derived from the word 'tony' but said with a pot-head accent (to-nay). After taking 3+ grav hits, or 2+ bong hits, you are considered 'tonay', or extremely high to the point of satisfaction. The word "dungay" (coming from the word dungy) can be added for extra emphasis.
"Man, after those gravs you packed me last night I was tonay." "DUH. I was tonay dungay after taking 4."
by jack p June 21, 2006
A term used by a certain group of musicians (Sex on Toast) to describe certain attributes of their own and other's music. It is often used to describe styles of music that features heavy synth bass-lines, sweet talkbox, mean synths and a fierce horn section with RnB inspired elements. The term is also frequently extended beyond use as a musical term, being used to describe people, places and things. It began as an in-joke between band members but has become an integral part of the band's musical identity and its affiliation with fans. Compare with 'Ricky'.

"An essence, a life-force, a beautiful woman, a stank bass line, a damn good time...Tonay."
"Dayum, that new SOT track is hella tonay."

*watching a gorgeous young woman strolling down St Kilda beach* "Ooo weee... toNAAAY..."
by rippinpepperoni October 01, 2015
Shorthand, noun: The combination of "today" and "tonight."
What are you doing tonay?

I plan on having sex all of tonay.
by GangsterofLoveAlyssa October 31, 2011

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