A slightly braindamanged person with high hopes and low standards. Quick to anger, a tomx is your typical social reject, with the desire to be cool, but lacking all proper judgement.
dude, that tomx really needs to realise hes got a tiny dick.
by Deviledapple October 14, 2004
Top Definition
an IRC loser, on the irctoo.net network and hangs constantly in #xbox.
Tomx is on #xbox again
by Weasel June 22, 2004
Momma's Boy; Colorado White Trash with a cogarette addiction; Mastubates to his x-box nightly; immature; lacking ability to have a real life; idiot; Lives on the hope that he can have daddy's business one day; a liar
Tomx sucks off tony.
by pr0nNinja June 22, 2004
asshole from Colorado
Dont be TomX, get a life off of the internet.
by Elemental_Sin October 02, 2004
Thomas X, related to Malcolm X, A cellar dweller at his mommies house, likes and wants to get with fat internet chicks, A Chubby Chaser! Has a fetish with crystal xbox
Tomx wants to get with April
by Lucid June 22, 2004
Thomas Zieba,

--Uneducated painter, target employee and wanna be a computer geek.

--Internet romances canadians.

--Lives at home with mommy, yet earns $25.00 per hour.

--Had sex with a cousin.
TomX, a.k.a. TommyX likes the canadian men.
by watson October 14, 2004
high school dropout, a target employee, a painter's helper. An ass from colorado, internet dates a canadian with a kid. want to immigrate more fucking foreigners into the country on a target paycheck. Hangs out on www.irctoo.net on channel #gamecube as he is banned from #xbox.
Dont be hatin like tomx
by Plutonium_Milkshake September 29, 2004
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