Thomas X, related to Malcolm X, A cellar dweller at his mommies house, likes and wants to get with fat internet chicks, A Chubby Chaser! Has a fetish with crystal xbox
Tomx wants to get with April
by Lucid June 22, 2004
Loser, sits on computer all day with no real life ambitions. Cigarette smoking midget like creature from Colorado with a last name that sounds like Zebra.
Come on Annoying_brat dont be such a TomX
by srd April 07, 2004
loser, destroys xbox's and lives in mommies basement witha sock he jerks off into. He is in love with a canadian hoe that the `sin` has fucked and been sucked off by. Has no education and no real purpose here, If he commited suicide, no one would care
Dont be like Tomx and rub your cock off into a sock while watching TMNT
by Mickely October 12, 2004
A loser who is attracted to Canadians. Has moved up to internet "dating" vezzy with her damaged vagina due to a kid being shoved thru it. Wants to be step-dad and diddle the kid when its old enough.
Tomx wanted to bang April, but settled for the loser, Vezzy.
by April September 23, 2004

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