The solid way of sayin Tom, usually used for aww m8 big tome to describe his enourmousness
Rathbone: Biiiiig toooomes a biggun
Big Tome: sup Raaaaaaaaaaaaathbone
by tome February 02, 2005
An overly large and dense piece of writing.
"Though 'On The Road' by Kerouac is regarded as a milestone in literature, it's a bit of a tome."
by Charlie Seattle October 05, 2003
a skinny British emo who is terrible at typing
"dame it, yer! MCR is kewl"
"... excuse me? You're such a Tome."
by robotobunneh December 27, 2007
Can be used for wierd/strange tome
LiJ: Alrite Strange toooooome
Wierd tome: Sup Playa
by LiJ February 04, 2005
Verb - W.Ireland, possible Gaelic origin - have sexual intercourse with
Aw man, look at the tats on her! Would ya tome her, would ya!?
by Sweats O'Harrigan March 28, 2007

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