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a big, heavy, old, or ancient book.

in fact just any book, but book implies an average sort of book, whereas the word tome implies a big, heavy, old or ancient book. possibly an important or signifigant one.

The wizard opened his creaky, leather-bound tome of magic, and began to cast a spell.
by bobman October 06, 2003
dude. its beer. this is l3375p34k
i drink b33r to get drunk. carling sux
by bobman October 06, 2003
The condition suffered by a person whose limited wardrobe enables
others to predict what they will be wearing on specific days of the week.
Bill knew it was Tuesday because Tony was wearing his "I'm a Pepper" tee shirt and hunter green corduroy slacks.
by Bobman March 13, 2004
the cardboard tube samurai is a popular character from penny-arcade.com, a rather good webcomic. you should read it. it has the cardboard tube samurai in it.
The tube is civilisation.
by bobman October 06, 2003
MUSH stands for Mulit-User-Shared-Hallucination. It uses a very strange, psuedo-programming language, and is used by nerds to RP on regularly, often early into the morning.
Object created #31356: Homey
Jace's activities for the day: sex #-1 ARGUMENTS MUST BE POSITIVE INTEGERS, sleep 3, eat 6
by Bobman June 08, 2004
act of ultimate mastery over another person, almost exclusively as regards first-person-shooter computer games:eg counterstrike, etc etc.

to be so dominating you literally control whether the opponent lives or dies... or rather how quickly they die.

l 7074|_|_ \/ p\/\/|\|5 j00
by bobman October 06, 2003

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