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A male who is sexually active with more than one female.
Gavin is the Delta Beta Phi resident tomcat.
by Sluet August 10, 2005
A woman who is sexually knowledgeable and/or superior. Not necessarily promiscuous as sometimes said. She is an extremely satisfying performer in the bedroom and can act like quite the refined lady when out of it, if she so pleases.
Oh man, Victoria is a tomcat! I love it, it's literally the best sex I have ever had. The best part of it is that she is the picture perfect lady when we are in public. My parents love her too.
by uhuhuh April 03, 2007
To be sexually active with more than one partner. usually meant for males, but you can call females that...
A dawg watch out, that bitch is a tomcat.
by scottYboy58 January 10, 2005
A small pistol made by Beretta. Beretta's line-up of small pocket pistols is led by the (.32ACP) caliber Tomcat, a semi-auto that delivers a potent punch from a small, lightweight package. The exclusive tip-up barrel allows the user to easily load a round directly into the chamber. Very small, very concealable. The weapon is similar to its larger counterpart, the Beretta 92FS M-9, which is used widely by the American Armed Forces, and Law enforcement.
For a backup weapon,I have a loaded Tomcat in my back pocket for defence.
by Keith1978 February 08, 2006
A man who chases after women that have either been recently separated, or divorced.
A man that chases after a woman especially if he knows that her man is cheating on her.
A man that crashes at a woman's home to "make sure that she is okay" after she has been left or kicked her current spouse or partner out of that home.
You better not leave that girl or there will be tom cats at the door.
That dude is such a tom cat...see how he just crept up on that
by a married woman January 05, 2011
to tomcat, meaning to be cool, arrogant, awesome.
"hey man don't hate, im just tomcatting".
by chipchop September 21, 2012
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