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A term used for a large wad of paper currency or bankroll. Usualy a hundred or fifty dollar bill is placed on top of a big roll of one dollar bills to impress others that they have alot of money. When the roll is taken out of the pocket, the first thing everyone notices is that hundred dollar bill with about twenty to thirty 'one dollar bills' folded under it. Could also be called Nigga-loaf to sound less racist.
This dude dressed like a pimp took out a huge roll of money to pay the doorman at the club last night. By the way he was dressed, that roll of money he flashed just had to be a nigger loaf!
by Keith1978 February 04, 2006
1. A large marijuana cigarette. A fat joint.
2. Rural name for an outhouse, or a portable temporary toilet such as those found on construction sites, campgrounds, etc.
1. Hey dude! Dont smoke all of that hooter, I want to get stoned too!
2. Only thing I hate about going camping is that they never clean those nasty filthy hooters out but once a week!
by Keith1978 February 08, 2006
A small pistol made by Beretta. Beretta's line-up of small pocket pistols is led by the (.32ACP) caliber Tomcat, a semi-auto that delivers a potent punch from a small, lightweight package. The exclusive tip-up barrel allows the user to easily load a round directly into the chamber. Very small, very concealable. The weapon is similar to its larger counterpart, the Beretta 92FS M-9, which is used widely by the American Armed Forces, and Law enforcement.
For a backup weapon,I have a loaded Tomcat in my back pocket for defence.
by Keith1978 February 08, 2006
A term used for anyone born around or after 1984. They are classed as the "Y" Generation or Millennials and are the offspring of the 60s and 70s generations which were very drug induced. The results are a child that is pretty much messed in the head. Even if they do not take drugs and seem normal, they still have the aftermath of their parents rampant drug and alcohol abuse floating in their brains and DNA. Combine Generation "Y" drug babies with the newer man made drugs, along with technology ( i.e. smartphones, texting, Facebook, Twitter etc.) and you have a very dangerous, warped and antisocial young mind indeed. This unimaginable horror & messed up generation is our countries future and worst nightmare. Drug babies are ruining the USA and things will only get worse as they age. As the technology that acts as a stimulant for drug babies advances further, the future of the USA is very grim and uncertain.
Look at that drug baby standing in line. She is clueless on what is going on around her, and has her nose in her text phone while she waits.
by Keith1978 September 08, 2014

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