Tom cruise is a great, though very odd actor. Movie fans have made him a very controvertial actor. Even though I don't agree with his ideals, that does not change the fact he is a great actor, starring in films like "Risky Business," Mission Impossible," and "Top Gun."
Tom cruise filmography

Mission: Impossible III (2006) (post-production) .... Ethan Hunt
... aka M:I-3 (USA: promotional abbreviation)
War of the Worlds (2005) .... Ray Ferrier
Collateral (2004) .... Vincent
The Last Samurai (2003) .... Nathan Algren
... aka The Last Samurai: Bushidou (USA: poster title)
Minority Report (2002) .... Chief John Anderton
Vanilla Sky (2001) .... David Aames
Mission: Impossible II (2000) .... Ethan Hunt
... aka M:I-2 (USA: DVD box title (promotional abbreviation))
... aka Mission: Impossible II (Germany)
Magnolia (1999) .... Frank T.J. Mackey
... aka mag-no'li-a (USA: promotional title)
Eyes Wide Shut (1999) .... Dr. William 'Bill' Harford
... aka EWS (USA: promotional abbreviation)
"3rd Rock from the Sun"
... aka 3rd Rock (USA: promotional abbreviation)
... aka Life As We Know It
- Dick and the Other Guy (1998) TV Episode .... Guy on couch
"The Magic School Bus"
... aka Scholastic's The Magic School Bus (USA: complete title)
- Goes Cell-ular (1997) TV Episode .... Show Host
Jerry Maguire (1996) .... Jerry Maguire
Mission: Impossible (1996) .... Ethan Hunt
... aka Mission Impossible
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) .... Lestat de Lioncourt
... aka Interview with the Vampire (USA: short title)
The Firm (1993) .... Mitch McDeere
A Few Good Men (1992) .... Lt. Daniel Kaffee
Far and Away (1992) .... Joseph Donnelly
"The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson"
... aka The Best of Carson (USA: rerun title)
- Episode dated 5 July 1990 (1990) TV Episode
Days of Thunder (1990) .... Cole Trickle
Born on the Fourth of July (1989) .... Ron Kovic
Rain Man (1988) .... Charlie Babbitt
Young Guns (1988) (uncredited) .... Cowboy
Cocktail (1988) .... Brian Flanagan
The Color of Money (1986) .... Vincent Lauria
Top Gun (1986) .... Lt. Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell
Legend (1985) .... Jack
... aka Legend: Ultimate Edition (USA: reissue title (video title))
All the Right Moves (1983) .... Stefen Djordjevic
... aka All Right
Risky Business (1983) .... Joel Goodsen
Losin' It (1983) .... Woody
The Outsiders (1983) .... Steve Randle
Taps (1981) .... David Shawn
... aka The Siege at Bunker Hill: T.A.P.S (UK: TV title)
Endless Love (1981) .... Billy
by politically_incorrect February 28, 2006
A really crappy actor who is trying to promote scientology *see also fraud* but doing a really bad job of it. He has also been flipping out at everyone who does not agree with him.

"And you know, you always have to look at someone who criticizes you, you have to look at them and say, okay, so? Who is that person? Why? What do they know?"
-Tom Cruise

He is obviously a hypocrite too.
guy 1 - who's that guy freaking out on the news?
guy 2 - o that's Tom Cruise. He's an insane psycho freak.
by SkaSkankDownParty June 30, 2005
A once good actor turned completely insane. He is now engaged to actress Katie Holmes (who looks like she's twelve but is still taller than him). Tom Cruise also VERY OPENLY practices scientology. Scientologists, I'm convinced, are trying to TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE. I mean seriously, anything started and made popular in LA has to be frigged up. They have schools, and art classes, and buildings. ITS FRIGHTENING!!! How can you have a "religion" based off of a sci-fi novel anyway???? It makes no sense.

But really, he had a list of all the single actresses in Hollywood that he could go out with. Katie Holmes was at the end of the list. A girl has to have some pride.
"Oh my God. When she saw Brad Pitt, she went all Tom Cruise and started jumping up and down on my couch. GAWD. Now we need to get new upholstery."

"Poor Batman, he has to kiss Mrs. Tom Cruise."

"YOU SHOW EM, TOM. KICK SOME ALIEN ASS! Ooh wait...nevermind you got sucked up into the ship..."
by Mrs. Hayden Christensen July 03, 2005
An exceptionally shit actor (refer to his couch jumping antics on Oprah to prove that he loves Katie Holmes), and believes eating asparagus can keep influence from evil alien souls at bay (refer to scientology).
d00d wtf happened? u used to be ok, but now ur a fuggin' mess!!!
by omg!?!?!? August 12, 2005
A douche, enough said
Tom Cruise is a douche who thinks he is smart, but he is in fact not
by Tom December 26, 2005
A moron who likes jumping on couches and has absolutely no consideration for other people's furniture. He also looks like a gorilla when he jumps on a couch. But moving on... he has absolutely no expression or emotion in his movies except for war of the worlds in which he looked rather constipated.
me- go jump on your own couches

me- what?! you expect me to listen to you when you start lecturing about science?! go bother katie holmes but not me.
by je m'appelle moi January 09, 2006
An overrated actor who specializes in couch jumping, promoting $cientology and painting himself into corners with his lies and contradictions. Has had several high profile sham weddings and relationships to hide the fact that he is a homosexual.
Wow, look at Tom Cruise's new mop-top haircut. He looks like John Lennon, only with less dignity.
by Marshall Rousso September 13, 2006
stupid scientologist who does make good movies but is totally uneducated in the ways of the world.
Sally: Have you heard Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting married??!!

Bob: Yeah, I always knew they were both fullashit.
by Scientologyisforweirdpeople July 05, 2005

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