A crazy bunch of freaks who's leader is a dead science fiction writer who was drunk when he made their "super doctrines". They believe in aliens, and enrons, or something like that. Notable members are Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Their biggest goal is to recruit more members and make more money. Tom's goals are that and just make a complete ass of himself.
Me: Dude, War of the Worlds was awesome!
Ron: Tom Cruise is a Scientologist.
Me: Dude, War of the Worlds sucked!
by Big Mikey T. July 02, 2006
1. Someone who is of questionable social ability.
2. Someone who is severely gullible.
3. Someone who can look facts in the face and totally ignore them.
1. I wish that guy would leave he is such a scientologist
2. Hey I just convinced Dave that Santa was moving to the south pole! What a scientologist
3. I can't believe you still think the earth is flat - what a scientologist.
by Fraser Steen September 05, 2007
A person that jumps out of an airplane without a parachute and believes he is accomplishing something.
I hardly knew that scientologist.
He should have waited until we took off.
by dUMBELLS November 19, 2006
A bunch of hollywood actors that like to set trends while they really don't care what any of it means as long as they think they look cool talking about it and doing it. If they really belived in something they would'nt be getting Divorced every other month and getting hooked up with the next big actor.
Tom cruze is a Scientologist he also jumps on chairs freakin out oprah and the world what a cock sucker.
by tube666 November 21, 2006
Someone who follows a complete bull shit religion, which was invented by a povvo science fiction writer who bet his friend that he "could make more money if he made up his own Religion". This is probably the most hated group of people in the world because they believe that some little green assholes are gonna come down to earth for no explanatory reson and exterminate us. Except for the (loser) deluded few that actually believe this shit is gonna happen who will be saved and have many alien- human hybrid freaks. Oh, and they take people's money.
The Aliens allowed Tom Cruise into the planet of Dicktron because he was a scientologist, and the rest of us are screwed.
by Jack De August 30, 2008
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