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Like gloves for your feet; the fabric goes around each toe separately. Fun & Cool!
The toe socks proved to be a hit & a popular gift. So Cute!
by Starchylde May 30, 2016
Socks that have a separate compartment for each toe (like gloves for your feet).
I wear toe socks in the winter to keep my feet extra warm.
by Jackuyee April 18, 2006
1. to stick one's toe up another's anus for warmth
2. a sock made to warm the vagina

3. a covering for the toe before inserting for sexual pleasure
1. "I was cold last night when I jumped into bed, and because of the toesock I slept on the floor."
2. "Her camel-toe was warm thanks to her toesock."
3. "Toesocks are a great way to practice safe footsie, protects against foot herpies, and vagina athlete's foot."
by smokeyandthecheesebandits December 22, 2012
A sock that has individual covers around them toes
I wanted to look like a fucking faggot so i wore my sisters toe socks
by Claydec24 July 28, 2016
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