A baby that offers Blowjobs at low prices.
"Man that toddle gave a great dick suck, and for only 2 dollars!"
by j0ngen January 21, 2009
Top Definition
A fat teacher in my school first name Rick. Toddles is a nickname given to him cuz he waddles when he walks!
Me:Hey did u see Toddles in health class today god is he fat
You: Yah he should die of obesity
by I dislike School November 17, 2005
1. Noun- when a person is so stone drunk, that they resemble a toddler; in throwing up and not being able to talk, walk, pick up women, etc.

2. Verb- to act like a toddle
1. "Aww, dude you're such a toddle! Why can't you hold your beer?!"

2. "Dude stop toddling around! You're embarrassing yourself!"
by P,L,L,AMUD June 26, 2011
1. To plagiarize.
2. To use and pass off the artwork, ideas, or writings of another as one's own.

The painting was not an original idea; it was toddled from an artist.
by oddbob April 23, 2007
A gorilla-like mutation which goes by the name of "Nia" found on IMVU. Likely originated from the deep depths of the african jungle. Usually hairy, gooey, deformed face area. Also deadly when touched. Beware.
"EW! Watch out for that Toddles! You don't want to catch Down Syndrome!"
by Lollipop IMVU June 22, 2016
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