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1. Noun- A person who is extremely smart, but nice too. Musically inclined and has a great voice. Intelligence is hereditary, and parents are an engineer and a doctor. Will most likely go far in life.
Man, she is talented AND kind!... She must be an Everbach.
#talented #kind #compassionate #nice #intelligent
by P,L,L,AMUD June 26, 2011
1. Noun- when a person is so stone drunk, that they resemble a toddler; in throwing up and not being able to talk, walk, pick up women, etc.

2. Verb- to act like a toddle
1. "Aww, dude you're such a toddle! Why can't you hold your beer?!"

2. "Dude stop toddling around! You're embarrassing yourself!"
#toddler #drunk #drunkard #stumble #messed-up
by P,L,L,AMUD June 26, 2011

1. verb- to jab one's fingers into the stomach of another, and as they are bent over in pain, to hit them down with a blow to the back of the neck with one's elbow. Usually accompanied by the yell of "SHAMPAM!"

2. noun- the pain you are left with after someone has shampammed you, or a metaphorical feeling, as though someone has just shampammed you.
1. "Hey dude, whatsu--"
"Ow! Christ, man! What'd you shampam me for?"

2."Man, I'm feeling a lot of shampam right now."
#sham-pam #pamsham #sham pam #shampow #sham pow
by P,L,L,AMUD June 29, 2011
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