1. To plagiarize.
2. To use and pass off the artwork, ideas, or writings of another as one's own.

The painting was not an original idea; it was toddled from an artist.
by oddbob April 23, 2007
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A fat teacher in my school first name Rick. Toddles is a nickname given to him cuz he waddles when he walks!
Me:Hey did u see Toddles in health class today god is he fat
You: Yah he should die of obesity
by I dislike School November 17, 2005
1. Noun- when a person is so stone drunk, that they resemble a toddler; in throwing up and not being able to talk, walk, pick up women, etc.

2. Verb- to act like a toddle
1. "Aww, dude you're such a toddle! Why can't you hold your beer?!"

2. "Dude stop toddling around! You're embarrassing yourself!"
by P,L,L,AMUD June 26, 2011
A baby that offers Blowjobs at low prices.
"Man that toddle gave a great dick suck, and for only 2 dollars!"
by j0ngen January 21, 2009

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