At the top of a flight of stairs, as you’re doggy-styling a chick, give her a modified donkey punch between her shoulders. As her arms fly into the air, grab her wrists and thrust… You should be able to ride her down the stairs like a toboggan.
º11:44pmº <CrimsonSkyLine> dude i asked this girl to go tobogganing with me and she said yes
by PX September 28, 2003
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a sexual position in which the male is ridding the female near the stairs and proceeds to knock her arms out from under her and ride her down the stairs
i tobogganed that bitch all the way down the stairs last night, where we found her parents
by yip April 26, 2003
A sled. Not a knit hat!
"Hey, get out your toboggan, not your hat, and let's go sled riding.
by Colin January 12, 2005
1. A knit hat.
2. A sled. This definition sometimes used as a verb, e.g. 'tobogganning'.
1. "Put on your toboggan, it's cold out!"
2. "Yay, it snowed! Now we can go tobogganning!"
by Molly December 20, 2004
This is a sexual position where a snowy slope and a women is needed, at the top of the hill, you thrust her up the ass, then push yourself and her down the slope, keep thrusting untell the end of the hill.
-Man I tobogganed that bitch last week so hard, that she still as the frost bites and bruises.
-Fuck thats crazy, i should try it!!!!
by Japonyx69 March 21, 2009
When a male has sex with a female on the second floor of the stairs, and once he has an orgasm, he knocks out the female, and rides her down the stairs.
Dude, we should totaly toboggan that bitch tonight.
by Daviel April 30, 2008
Toboggan= a concoction of large quantities of energy drinks
create by Ethan Salt of the date 29/4/11 7:00pm NZ also co reate by Mark Wonghong can be madce with any energy drink and any amount to it
Would you like a toboggan?
Whats that?
A drink made out of energy drinks
Example, A V Double hit 500ml, Mother 500ml and a Rock energy 330ml
by Tobboggan Co. April 29, 2011

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