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a very harsh act, were you need a car spring and hollow brake tube. Before anal sex, the man places the spring on his penis and shoves the tube in the women ass, after placing his penis in her ass,he starts to breath in the break tube, which goes into the womens ass, the air creates a better orgasim, the spring increases the longevity of the sexual experience and increases the pelvic thrust of the man.
Billy- wasnt that the best spring break ever!!!!!
Sindy- fuck yeah!!!!
Billy- we better get out of here before your parents turn on the car, and find out where we got the spring and break tube!!!
Sindy- Quick pull the tube out of my ass!!!
#ninjas #fuck #sex #pleasure #dirty sanchez #anal #explosion
by Japonyx69 April 02, 2009
This is a sexual position where a snowy slope and a women is needed, at the top of the hill, you thrust her up the ass, then push yourself and her down the slope, keep thrusting untell the end of the hill.
-Man I tobogganed that bitch last week so hard, that she still as the frost bites and bruises.
-Fuck thats crazy, i should try it!!!!
#sex #ninja #fuck #dirty #horny
by Japonyx69 March 21, 2009
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