A slang term for Natives. Generally used as a stealth insult, as very few catch.
Guy 1: Look at all those toboggans!

Guy 2: Man, it's like a toboggan pow-wow!
by Happy McNigger November 17, 2010
When the two hottest chicks ever race down the snowy slope; a winter sport in Newmarket; Not for jokes, they don't make the landings
S and E went tobogganing together down the snowy hill
by E & S January 12, 2010
This is a sexual position where a snowy slope and a women is needed, at the top of the hill, you thrust her up the ass, then push yourself and her down the slope, keep thrusting untell the end of the hill.
-Man I tobogganed that bitch last week so hard, that she still as the frost bites and bruises.
-Fuck thats crazy, i should try it!!!!
by Japonyx69 March 21, 2009
A word used to secretly ask in a sexual sense: "would you?"
A word used to signify an attractive girl.
"Dude, that girl over at the salad bar, toboggan?"
"Aww man, toboggan right over there"
by Zach Benn December 01, 2005
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