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When the two hottest chicks ever race down the snowy slope; a winter sport in Newmarket; Not for jokes, they don't make the landings
S and E went tobogganing together down the snowy hill
by E & S January 12, 2010
16 27
Sexual act where the "butch" isgiving some to the "bitch" from behind while near a slope. The butch will then knock her arms away to 'ride' him/her down slope. If the bitch is sitting on the butch, and his back is near the slope, he/she may push him back to ride.
oh yeah... that's good *punch*

by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
22 33
A word used to secretly ask in a sexual sense: "would you?"
A word used to signify an attractive girl.
"Dude, that girl over at the salad bar, toboggan?"
"Aww man, toboggan right over there"
by Zach Benn December 01, 2005
4 18
A slang term for Natives. Generally used as a stealth insult, as very few catch.
Guy 1: Look at all those toboggans!

Guy 2: Man, it's like a toboggan pow-wow!
by Happy McNigger November 17, 2010
5 21