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a sexual position in which the male is ridding the female near the stairs and proceeds to knock her arms out from under her and ride her down the stairs
i tobogganed that bitch all the way down the stairs last night, where we found her parents
by yip April 26, 2003
A simple pronunciation of the word "conformer" or someone who follows the crowd.
Man, Avril Lavigne is such a corn farmer, she just does that because everyone else is.
by Yip January 24, 2005
To get a lot of something that is good. Used to express your feeling of joy because you just aquired more of something.
Guy 1: Dude, you are totaly taking advantage of their endless nachos promotion.

Guy 2: Quantity~~ (face beaming with joy)
by Yip July 23, 2004
The online alias of Harty. Known for his sarcasm, egoism, and blunt honesty, he has made himself recognized by his pure skill in the activities he partakes in. He manages to somehow align himself with the high powers via his mastery of bullshit, and is therefore a force to be reckoned with.
You have just been beaten by Roffler. Join the club of victims.
by Yip April 13, 2005
Actually its short for "The Total Package", as heard in the Usher song "TTP"
You should be lookin' for a TTP
Now that I know the difference
That's all I'm tryna be with
Somebody that keeps it all in together now
I'm living better
Since I found the total package
by yip February 12, 2005

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