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A scotish nickname given to those who often get into fightrs and more importantly win./ A Scotish slag word for beating somebody up.
Did you see tober in that fight? It was amazing!

Did you see the fight? He really gave him a tobering!
#tober #tobias #scotland #slang #fight
by toberisme May 10, 2011
Not being sober but not yet tipsy
Are you tipsy yet?" "No, after only one drink I'm just tober.
#tipsy #sober #drunk #wasted #trinksy
by Lamar052011 May 25, 2011
Derogatory term for the male genitalia, with special reference to that which resembles a sweet potato of sorts.
Tober, a small awkwardly shaped penis that looks like a root vegetable.
#penis #dick #winky #doodly #bob
by Bob Turner May 29, 2006
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