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I got so ober at that party in the Rab, i have no clue what happened!
by RDSyx March 30, 2008
ober creapy!
ober gorlia status- very hairy
by mad4punks October 29, 2003
German for upper and also for waiter.
English slang for overseer, greater, or a big hairy man-beast.
Did you see that ober at the buffet? I thought he was going to go for that little kid too!
by Steve-O March 20, 2004
One who stalks others across internet sites
Every place I click on, there's an ober
by Anonymous March 07, 2003
Bigfooted hairy one, known primarily for its loud mating calls, which have been known to travel across whole courtyards.
"Wow, was that an Ober over there? Did you get that on tape?"
by Anonymous March 07, 2003