is a term to discribe how high you are.
Dude your so messed up. "I know dude im so toasty right now."
by Leo Sievers May 14, 2008
Toasties can be used to mean either cool, hello or goodbye.
1. "Man your shoes are toasties"
2. "Toasties my good man"
3. "I'll see you later"
"Yeah toasties."
by Rory Spence February 14, 2007
. . .Possessing qualities of toastness.
Quizno's. Mmm, Toasty.
by Brena June 17, 2003
means sweet or sick or cool
that new video game is toasty
by Torti May 07, 2005
Superly burnt out person
That bitch is wrong for what she has on...looking super TOASTY
by Brittni November 02, 2005
One day a little boy called toasty mctoastability was walking down the street when he saw a naked man peeing in an old woman mouth, he then decided enough was enough and in using his toast powers decided to burn both of their faces then butter them with "I can't believe its not Butter" spread in doing so this made them act like normal people instead of acting like complete twats.....THE END!!!!
An orange talking to an apricot about the economy of today then deciding to kill one another with a banana.

Morale of this story is, dont act that a twat, EAT TOAST!!!

by Jimnebob June 28, 2006
A very cheap person who is such a cheep ass that they only order toast when they eat out. After all toast is the cheapest thing on the menu. A person that takes out his entire family on 99 cent night and buys a shit load of whats on sale and orders water to drink.
That asshole was a real toasty....
by Joe Vitale October 04, 2004

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