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when a chick is ugly in the face but the backside is awsome. Like burnt toast, filp it over and no one ver knows the difference.....
Thats chick is toasty....
by fyreman3878 June 08, 2006
34 34
The remains of ground herbal marijuana after most of its THC content has been inhaled through a vaporizer (as opposed to smoking, which produces ash).
Damn, that was some killer weed I just vaporized. I think I'll make some brownies with the toasties, that'll knock me out!
by wangking June 16, 2010
4 5
when someone is attractive and instead of calling them 'fit' you say toasty
"look at that guy over there, he's toasty!"
by curtianclosure November 08, 2012
0 2
This word means anything and everything, it depends on the context clues. It comes from the derivitive word "toast" and has a plethora of meanings.
I like your shoes, they are toasty
I feel a toasty stomach pain coming on
Does it bother you how toasty i look
Look at that guys abbs, they are very toasty
Darn it I need to toasty up my room before i get ants
I like your toasty, its hot
Hellz yess thats so flippin toasty
by The Pink Tigers January 24, 2010
2 5
The state of intoxication to the point of increased body temperature.
Lol, look at this picture of me and Sarah! I look so toasty!

Dude turn on the fucking air conditioner I'm so freaking toasty right now.
by JJPfedora June 25, 2009
4 7
something that has been toasted
"hmmm this breads toasty"
by toasty626 March 15, 2008
19 22
A female that is "warm" and slightly brown, all around.
An example of a "Toasty" would be Jessica Alba.
by loui valdo November 07, 2007
11 14