A descriptive word for a man that can get any girl he wants because of his hair.
"How do get all the babes Ryan?"
"Just gotta keep it toasty"
by AKAToasty December 18, 2013
getting really, really high or baked on weed.
guy 1: dude I got baked

Guy 2: man I am toasty like a mother fucker!
by A nose to remember January 24, 2012
when a chick is ugly in the face but the backside is awsome. Like burnt toast, filp it over and no one ver knows the difference.....
Thats chick is toasty....
by fyreman3878 June 08, 2006
A state of high. Usually used in context of marijuana highs. A high that's stronger than a buzz and less than burnt Toasty is a more delicate way of saying "Yo my nigga, dis kush is loud. Got me feeling lung fucked. Nigga I'm on clouds nigga"
Guy 1: Bro I'm fucked up...
Guy 2: I'm stoned..
Guy3 : Nigga I'm gone *turns to only girl in the circle* what bout u?
Girl 1: I am a mother fucking lady I don't get high....I get toasty!
by Kitkat Bootyfat January 02, 2015
A term popularized by the Mortal Kombat easter egg, generally used to mean awesome or cool.
Dude did you hear that new song it's pretty TOASTY!
by NarwalNukes1234 February 28, 2013
By the means of some fellow friends, it means ATTRACTIVE.
This girl I am skyping with is TOASTY.
by poodle124 July 20, 2011
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