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A toasted sandwich made in a special machine, usually containing cheese combined with some other foodstuff, or commonly cheese on its own.
'I'm having a banana toastie'
'You're nuts'
by paul raine May 05, 2004
The noise made when you uppercut someone in Mortal Kombat.
Subzero just uppercut Raiden! Toastie!
by Shneals March 19, 2006
A woman who is a Hottie but is a bit older. She's been scorched a few times in life as well as admired and lusted after and now she's crisp and very very yummy with almost anything on top.
Where is the jam? Here comes my teacher. She is such a Toastie.
by mercedes spankdriven November 15, 2010
The leftover marijuana in a bag after most is gone, usually the shake that is left.
"I bought weed yesterday and smoked it, but I still have some toasties."
by LaCrayon January 10, 2009
When someone gives their partner a handjob while wearing Ov Gloves or oven mitts.
Guy 1: "I like handjobs, but they make my penis cold.."
Guy 2: "Aw man you need to tell your girl to start giving you toasties!!"
by Krystaaalll July 28, 2011
A phrase used to express admiration or give props.
Man, that bike is so toastie!

Wow, she's so toastie!
by Erigne August 01, 2008
A true follower of the band 'Better Than Toast'!

Guy:'I've been to every BTT gig!'

Girl:'Wow, your a real toastie!'
by Hinsley May 28, 2008

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