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Bits of toast crumb embedded in butter or margarine after it is returned to the refrigerator, left behind by careless use of a warm knife that has already made a pass along the surface of a piece of toast. (Entered US English as a Sniglet, c. 1984.)

George, an afficionado of fine butters, found the abundance of toasticles in the tub rather revolting.
by Toastey September 22, 2006
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whenever you take a laundry load out of the dryer and immediately put on a steaming hot pair of underwear
"Ain't nothing like a nice pair of toasticles on a cold day."
by MIKE February 03, 2004
When you scrape bits of burnt toast into the sink then the little scrapings in the bottom of the sink are 'toasticles'
The sink was full of toasticles
by Steve Humphrey October 13, 2008
The pun on testicles for a person who's nickname has something to do with bread mainly "toast" or "toaster"
You hit toaster in his toasticles
by bunster July 13, 2009
The black pieces that fall off into the butter dish when you butter toast.
I had to clean all the toasticles out of the butter dish once again.
by linda ryan May 22, 2007
What you get when a cup of coffee (or really hot soup) spills on your pants.
My toasticles hurt like mad when i spilled my coffee
by Googley Jiblets February 27, 2004

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