A reference to a somewhat "inside" joke used in the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgendered) community to the 'joke' (that is never actually spelled out when used, lest you ruin the joke and look sorta stupid), that, for every straight person that a LGBT person "recruits" into the gay ranks, the recruiting LGBT person gets a toaster as an incentive, like some banks did (long ago) to get new accounts. This reference to banking incentives shows how long this "joke" has been around. The "joke" is at the expense of the right wingers who have for years tried to characterize gay people as "those horrible deviants who are making our children (or adults) gay!!!!". Like, "Okay, YOU GOT US! We ARE recruiting! AND, we are even so organized and wily in our scheme, we have incentives and prizes for recruiting your precious, previously heaven-bound little Johnny into our shameless, hell-bound ranks."
(One lesbian to another, while discussing another person of interest): "Well, she's 'straight', but if you can get her, you know you'll get a toaster!"

Or, (One gay man to another, tounge-in-cheek): "I hope I can get that (heterosexual) man to love me! I can always use another toaster!"
by TomPnCA. February 25, 2006
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Type of vehicle with a "toaster"-like appearance.
Honda Element, Ford Flex, Scion xB and Nissan Cube are "toasters."
by WhoIsUsingNotTelling? October 23, 2010
Street slang referreing to a pistol, especially semi-automatic Glock .380 cal, .45 cal, and 9 mm pistols.
"Yo Simmy, I'm a pop them toasters on them suckas!"
by Inked July 31, 2006
A Honda Element
Hey! Gino just drove up to the firehouse with his new Toaster
by Federal Q2 February 04, 2004
Also known as "toasta" or "toastah" it is either the dictionary meaning which is a machine used to toast bread, but most importantly, it's another word for gun
"You know the po-pos wont let me hold them toasters no mo'"

"We come with toastas like we just opened savings and loans"
by Amuckone May 01, 2004
An especially useless piece of computing equipment. Old hardware only good for heating things up.
That XXX server is essentially a toaster.
by lantz July 12, 2006
Character from the episode "Waiting for God" from series 1 of the BBC Red Dwarf tv-series. Toaster is actually a more or less intelligent device, used for toasting bread and for conversation. But the topic of conversation is quite toast related.
Toaster: "I toast, therefore I am"
by Aart May 19, 2005
A low quality electronic church organ. (organist slang)
Stephen had to play a toaster at St. Joseph's this morning. It was nasty 1980's Allen.
by church_organist August 30, 2009
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