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A side kick, a tag-a-long, one who is sent to do the dirty work.
Vito was dissapointed when Vinnie didn't make good on his his wager; so, he sent a couple of his toadies out to break his shins.
by Cara Marie November 10, 2006
One who gives selflessly of himself, who's only concern is pleasing his Mistress, with no concern for his own health or well-being. One who's unquestionably sincere devotion to his Mistress is to be applauded, commended and encouraged, and most especially, Rewarded.
The Mistresses were all so completely enraptured by the remarkable ass-kissing skills exhibited by their Toadie, they felt compelled to request even more of his utterly delightful chatting that prove his loyal affection, often exclaiming "Encore Randy, Encore!"
by RandyTheToadie May 26, 2009
The name of a legendary frog worshipping faggot.
Tahnok is a toadie.

Shut the fuck up and go suck LF's cock.
by Ctiger August 26, 2004
Drunk. Having lost time with no recollection. Creatively blonde.
I really pulled a Toadie this weekend!
by Buzz February 09, 2005
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